Clean Hair- looks greasy.?

Question by : Clean Hair- looks greasy.?
After my hair drys from a shower its nice and light blonde but throughout the day it starts to look greasy and brown. How can i make my hair stop looking like a greasy, sloppy mess?

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Answer by Camille
Try to not use conditioner for a while like a week or so. or just a very small amount. also when your hair dries you can run baby powder through it to prevent it from over moisturizing to quickly. and if that doesnt work try changes shampoos. my cousin has the same problem and that helped.

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I have really bad allergies … What is the best solution you know to deal with them?

Question by socmum16 ♪: I have really bad allergies … What is the best solution you know to deal with them?
I mean, really, really, really bad allergies. My nose is constantly running. My ears are itchy and plugged up, my eyes are itchy and watery and my throat itches. I have been taking Allegra but it doesn’t seem to be working that well. Anyone know something better?
P.S. I live in Kansas.
I’ve already done allergy testing. I’m allergic to just about everything that grows. Grass, pollen, hay … etc., I’m not allergic to mold though – yay!

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Answer by Paris
allergy testing.

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Is it possible to have allergic reactions from breathing in formaldehyde?

Question by : Is it possible to have allergic reactions from breathing in formaldehyde?
I just started an anatomy course, and I know for a fact our prosections are preserved with formalin, not phenol, and the whole lab absolutely reeks of the stuff. The smell makes me nauseous after a while. Anyways, both times I’ve been to lab (which lasts 3 hours) I wound up with sinus congestion and a runny nose. The second time I ended up with a headache, which got worse as the day went on. It’s worth noting that I was wearing a laplander hat that time, which definitely smelled like formaldehyde when I took it off that night, meaning that smell was near my face all day.

The problem is, I’m allergic to practically everything (cats, dogs, mold, grasses, trees, etc.), so it’s not like I can definitively say that’s what’s causing the problems. I’m taking a lot of allergy medicine already, and while my everyday symptoms aren’t eradicated completely, I don’t normally get headaches or congestion like that unless I’m exposed to something I’m really allergic to.

I know it’s too early to rule out other allergens since I’ve only been to lab twice, but has anyone heard of someone reacting to formaldehyde like this? Is there any way to prevent it? I guess I could wear a surgical mask or something, even if I look like a total weirdo…The smell would still be stuck in my clothes and hair though.
They did give us information on how it’s toxic and can cause health problems in higher concentrations, but our exposure to it is low enough that it’s supposed to be 100% safe. Nobody else in the class seems to be bothered (other than complaining about the smell) so I can only assume I’m more sensitive than them.

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Answer by Britt
Dear Anon,

Formaldehyde is toxic.

They’re supposed to provide you with an

Material Safety Data Sheet.

If they refuse, report them to OSHA.


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Acne scars, Need help/advices.?

Question by St!cHfACé: Acne scars, Need help/advices.?
Hello, i have around 6-7 acne scars on my face and i hate them. They are just very ugly. I want to get rid of them. I have vitamin-e oil, polysporin, cicapast and baking soda. I want to get rid of the scars as fast as possible please. Also, i have been getting 1 or 2 pimple everyday 3-4 days for the last 3 weeks, any advice would help. Also what can i do to improve the look of my skin? I also live in canada so they don’t sell mederma here:(

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Answer by Laura C
Try specialized products for preventing and clearing acne problems. is very user friendly and they offer a lot of solutions. As for the scars, that may take some time to heal. Try to use a pimple instant clear stick and maybe apply some concealer when you go out. Also wash your face on a daily basis. All the creams in the world won’t do jack if you don’t keep your skin clean.

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Q&A: what is the qualities of the pollution mask?

Question by : what is the qualities of the pollution mask?
I am travelling in Cycle to office for 40 min full traffic… breathing a lot of dust and smoke.
I want some suggestion regarding pollution mask.
Is there any mask which filters such things ?
hoping to live long in this polluted world ;)

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Answer by Lightgreen
There are quite a few masks on the market, however, because when cycling you tend to use a lot of effort your face will become uncomfortably sweaty.

You could find a less traffic route, check Sustrans map (UK) or use back roads. Or breath through your nose, as it has hairs to trap particles of dirt/pollution. I would avoid all busy routes for cycling, unless there is decent cycle path/traffic lights in place.

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Q&A: Is there any way to get rid of a cat allergy?

Question by Daniel C: Is there any way to get rid of a cat allergy?
I have lived with cats all my life, the last year and a half we did not have a cat. Oct. 20th we got a kitten and it seems I have developed a cat allergy(itchy eyes and throat, sneezing 20 times a day which is very abnormal for me.). Is this normal? and is there any way to remedy this? short of getting rid of the cat.

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Answer by A R
nope, allergy shots

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Bad hair day. All the time?

Question by .: Bad hair day. All the time?
When i straighten my hair it feels greasy even though iv’e washed it?
And any idea’s on hairstyles?

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Answer by anonymous
After you straighten your hair, you should use a little bit of baby powder to absorb any excess oil.

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do I have a dust allergy or hayfever?

Question by Kryton5438864: do I have a dust allergy or hayfever?
I’ve had what I think is some kind of allergy for quite a few years now, it comes and goes. When at it’s worst, I can get it 2 or 3 times a week, and sometimes I can be lucky and be ok for a month maybe 2 months without it. It happens all year round so I don’t think it is hayfever. I’ve had it in mid winter.

The symptoms usually start in the morning shortly after I have had a shower / bath. This seems to disturb it. I will get watery red eyes, runny nose, a bit of drowsyness, and lots of sneezing – in a day I could easily sneeze over a hundred times, sometimes I sneeze 20 times non stop!

I also get it if I wear something out of the warddrobe that I havent worn in ages, say if it was getting near winter and I started wearing a fleece or jumper that I havent worn in a long time.

If I was to rearrange a room’s furniture, dust and hover the room out that can also set it off.

The symptoms last at minimum half the day, and at most about 2 days. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks,

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Answer by petunia1
Go to an allergist or your Dr. and they can tell you. There are medications you can get over the counter for allergies that may help. You could also wear a mask when in a dusty area.

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Pulmonary Fibrosis – Metal Dust?

Question by C W: Pulmonary Fibrosis – Metal Dust?
Just a thank you to everyone who answered my question. You have all helped with your different perspectives and experiences.
In answer to some of your comments, none of the medication appears to be effective (inc steroids) and we are now testing Acetylcysteine primarily used for Paracetamol over dose so we’ll see.
Either way the Steroids worked for a bit but the PF has been caused by metal dust entering the lungs – occupation related, which means the onset is quite rapid, so lets hope it levels out for a bit.
Any way are any of you aware of similar situations where individuals have suffered due to long term exposure and inhalation of metal dust? (Chromeoxide powders).


Thanks again for all your input it has been a great relief to know what is around the corner. No surprises!

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Answer by thebear1051
Each metal has a certain toxicity level when introduced to the lungs. Usually airborn chemicals and fibers (fiberglass, aspestus) are more toxic and therefore cause more lung tissue scarring resulting in PF. Although metal isnt nearly as toxic as certain fibers and chemicals, over time it can cause sufficient scarring to result in PF. It would be advisable to stop working in such an environment, or perhaps get a good air filtration mask (it will be uncomfortable to breathe through if u have PF, but definatly worth the protection.) I got this info from the internet so it may not be perfectly reliable however on a more personal basis I heard stories from coworkers that a guy who used the aluminium buffer at the factory I work at got PF. Hope this helps…

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Q&A: I have questions about my hair it’s thick has highlights and seems greasey help!?

Question by babyBEV: I have questions about my hair it’s thick has highlights and seems greasey help!?
Alright so i use cheap shampoo and condition suave… because i don’t want to spend my money on stuff that says it works i would like to know from others experiences which conditions work best in hair and doesn’t make hair look greasy after a day.

also, is there anything i can do to my thick hair? hairstyles it doesn’t hodl a curl hardly waves, ive been debating on cutting it shorter but then it’d be all poofed out because of its thickness right now it’s halfway down my back for someone reason i think its easier handled when its long. anyways anyone have idea on what i can do? also when i wear my hair down it gets so tangled in just an hour even if i straighten it, any products that might help? or any products that might work in long thick hair to help wave or give it volume?

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Answer by Sarahh
a good “cheap” shampoo/conditioner to use would be the loreal sulfate free line. if you don’t want to wash your hair every day (which you shouldn’t) use tresseme dry shampoo, it will help prevent the greasy build up. dont use conditioner near the root, only apply to the ends of your hair.

for your haircut try long layers

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